Dies ist nur ein Auszug aus unserem Programm:

Set 1
The Green Hilly of Tyrol, When the Battle is over, Lochanside

Set 2
Johnnie Scobie, The Wooden Heart

Set 3
Scotland the Brave, The Rowan Tree, Wings, Flett from Flotta

Set 4
The High Road to Gairloch, Marries Wedding

Set 5
Cullen Bay, Farwell to Camrow

Set 6
Highland Laddie, The Barren Rocks of Aden

Set 7
Blue Bells of Scotland, Banjo Breakdown

Set 8
Teribus, The Brown Haired Maiden, My Love She´s but a Lassie Yet, A Man´s a Man for a ´That

Set 9
Geal Warning, Last Mowhak

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The Land of my Youth, Highland, Cathedral, Loch Rannoch, The Flower of Scotland, Auld lang Syne, Amazing Grace, Morg of Dunvegan, Going Home, When the Piper’s Play, Mull of Kintyre, Glasgow City Police, usw…